Java Swing GUI for Bonjour Applications


The BonSwing libraries are a framework for building rich GUI applications in a transitional network in which nodes come and leave the network regularly. The library aims to provide the developer a set of tools which will automatically handle network transitional events (such as nodes entering and leaving the network) which allows the developer to focus on writing his or her application.

The current library includes only two components: a list and tree component. This will be expanded on.

The BonSwing library is built on Apple's Bonjour, which is a multi-platform implementation of Zero Configuration Networking (ZeroConf). BonSwing is built in Java using Bonjour's Java libraries.

latest news

October 12, 2007
Added sample applications Three sample applications built on BonSwing, all of which can be run through Web Start.

October 3, 2007
Source code for BonSwing and three sample apps committed into CVS. Very poor documentation though, am working on it.